HCC Users Group

HCC Users group is a monthly meeting in which topics and speakers relevant to the users of Holland Computing Center services are presented. Following the half hour talk, time will be allotted for users to speak one-on-one with staff and discuss issues or questions related to their use of HCC resources.

There will be no meeting for the month of May. Congrats to all graduating students!
When: Third Thursday of each month - 4 to 5 pm.
Where: Avery Hall - Room 109

Any questions can be directed to hcc-support@unl.edu

April 2017: "A Large-Scale Metagenomic Analysis Using OSG"

For April, CSE PhD Student Jiang Shu will be speaking about his use of the Open Science Grid (OSG) and how it benefited his research.

Abstract: It is well known that exosomes play an important role in cell-to-cell communication by transferring all types of molecules from donor cells to recipient cells. The objective of this study was to assess the microbial mRNA cargos in exosomes of one type of body fluids. To identify the possible microbial species in the samples, we conducted a large-scale metagenomic analysis by using the Open Science Grid (OSG) and 4,742 microbial genomes were assessed on each of 6 samples. The result shows that, across all samples, microbial sequences consistently account for a large percentage of the mRNAs in exosomes. Moreover, through the highly efficient system of OSG, the tasks of ~81K CPU hours were completed in 17 days.

In addition to this fascinating talk, we will also be serving pizza!

March 2017: HCCGo

For March, we will be unveiling HCCGo, our newest application which uses a graphical user interface to interact and submit jobs on HCC resources. This application is designed for users who do not have previous experience with the Linux command line and helps reduce the learning curve necessary for interacting with the Holland clusters. The group will meet on March 17th at 3 pm in Avery 108.